Golf Predictor DFS PGA Resource

This page outlines why you should use Golf Predictor as your DFS PGA resource tool for upcoming US and European PGA Tour golf tournaments.

DFS PGA Resource

DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) golf usually involves picking a line-up of golfers under a defined salary cap for an upcoming US PGA Tour golf tournament. DFS Golf players win cash/prizes depending on the performance of their chosen golfers. Unlike traditional fantasy golf contests, DFS golf contests typically last for a single tournament rather than an entire season or significant part thereof. This cuts down on the time commitment involved and the wait to collect any winnings.

In addition to the comprehensive generic golf statistics, Golf Predictor has many features which make it an ideal DFS Golf resource. The comprehensive predictions available provide DFS golfers with invaluable statistics to enable them to identify good DFS Golf choices for the next US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour events on the calendar.

The DFS statistics on Golf Predictor are DraftKings and PlayON specific. DraftKings is the biggest name in DFS golf and it provides downloadable information on its site every week. PlayON is the official DFS partner to the European PGA Tour and they too supply downloadable information every week. This information includes salary, average points per game for each golfer and this is imported into Golf Predictor to provide useful DFS stats and charts to our users.

Below are some of the main reasons why you should use Golf Predictor as your research tool for DFS golf contests. Of course there are more reasons, but you can find them out for yourself when you register! For brevity, the main reasons are listed below.

Golf Predictor DFS PGA Features

  • Golf Predictor has a track record in supplying the most important golf statistics with an easy to use interface since 2008. DFS Golf is relatively new and many services have sprung up purporting to supply research materials. Golf Predictor has a pedigree and many satisfied customers down through the years. When you choose Golf Predictor, you know you are getting quality information.
  • Golf Predictor is completely transparent: you have the stats for the entire field at your fingertips. Of course, there is also a myriad of stats on courses, golfers, tournaments, winners etc. at your disposal. Some DFS golf services email you tips and/or supply reports. How do they pick golfers? Who knows?! What you do know is that Golf Predictor is upfront with the stats that allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Golf Predictor supplies stats for the entire field, not just a selected few golfers. These golfers are ranked using the GP Score, a metric that is computed for each golfer using his (or ocassionally, her!) past relavent performances and world ranking. This produces a list similar to the salary list, with the golfers most likely to perform having the highest GP Scores:
    Golf Predictor Prediction Rankings
  • You can now easily see who is under/overvalued by DraftKings on Golf Predictor. Golf Predictor ranks the golfers by DraftKings salaries and compares it to the GP prediction rank (created from the GP Score) using a colour coded column. This lets you see who is potentially under/over priced by DraftKings at a glance. More information is available on this feature here. There is similar functionality for PlayON.
  • You can now also easily see whose DraftKings salary is too high/low on Golf Predictor, based on their average points per game. Golf Predictor compares each golfer's dollars per point to the field average using a colour coded column. This lets you see who is potentially better value on DraftKings at a glance. More information is available on this feature here. There is similar functionality for PlayON.
  • There are 13 DraftKings specific charts on Golf Predictor, including a zoomable visualisation of the value dollars per point for the field (shown below). This makes it even easier to see who is potentially better value on DraftKings at a glance. More information is available on these charts here. There is similar functionality for PlayON.
    Golf Predictor Value Dollars per Point Chart
  • Golf Predictor also uses a Performance Likelihood metric, which can be very useful in picking golfers with low salaries who might play well. Unlike the GP Score, the Performance Likelihood ignores bad results in its defined period and can be useful to identify streaky golfers.
  • You don't have to agree with the Golf Predictor rankings. Study all the convenient stats and decide for yourself who is a lock for the upcoming tournament. On Golf Predictor, you have the freedom to make up your own mind using the best available stats. You can even easily re-rank the field yourself using the Custom Predictions page:
    Golf Predictor Custom Predictions
  • Available statistics to aid DFS golf enthusiasts include the recent, season and historical (e.g. course, tournament, similar tournament, same time of year or same region) performance for each golfer in the tournament. In each case, you can sort the golfers by performance (e.g. average result, number of wins and number of top tens) to see who are the best performers for a given statistic.
  • You can also use the Field Rankings page to rank the entire field by any of twenty nine different important metrics, e.g. course average finish, cut streak, top tens in the current season.
  • You can filter the field by any combination of over fifty different metrics to find golfers who match your criteria.
  • On the DFS Lineup Builder (DraftKings) page, you can filter the field as above, create a DFS lineup and export it in a DraftKings compatible CSV file. There is similar functionality for PlayON, without the upload, which is unsupported by PlayON.
    Golf Predictor DFS Lineup Builder
  • You can directly compare the performance statistics (e.g. season average position) of up to ten golfers at a time.
  • You can directly compare the form (season/course/tournament/similar events) of up to ten golfers in their last ten matching tournaments.
  • You can also see the historical performances in all tournaments for a golfer on the Player History page, which shows the tournaments he does best/worst in at a glance.
  • You can also see the record for each golfer in every tournament in a GP season over the previous ten years at a glance.
  • You can also see easily which golfers play better compared to their peers at certain times of the year (early/mid/late season).


All these features will help you to make good DFS golf choices for for upcoming US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour events. If you are interested in using Golf Predictor as a DFS Golf resource, you can get an idea of the comprehensive information available on the About Golf Predictor page or by registering for Golf Predictor for free and looking around. You may view the golf statistics for future US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour events by clicking on a golfer name on one of the many pages in the "Predictions" and "Form" menus. The golf statistics displayed on Golf Predictor are under constant review and new features that enhance Golf Predictor as a DFS golf resource are added as they are suggested by users or thought of in-house!