Golf Predictor Testimonials

This page lists testimonials supplied by real subscribers, all of whom have discovered that Golf Predictor is a fantastic resource! In the interests of transparency, most contributors were given short subscription extensions as a token of appreciation for their contribution.

I just subscribed to Golf Predictor (May, 2015) because I like to have a punt on golf. After going through all of the stats on Golf Predictor, I ended up correctly laying Rory McIlroy at Wentworth not just because of his schedule, but mainly because of your very useful course history stats. These collated stats have saved me the time I used to take to manually research it. I also ended up backing Francesco Molinari each way and Luke Donald, the former landing a place for me. In the Crowne Plaza Invitational, I won on several markets based on researching your stats which ended up being a nice bonus. I like betting on the golf and your stats gave me a lot more confidence that I am giving myself the best possible chance. I know that it can be difficult to pick winners, but your stats will at least help me cut down on mistakes, which will ultimately save me money. Indeed, my first week of using Golf Predictor hass paid for my subscription MANY times over.

Brendan | Queensland, Australia

Days before the 2012 Masters, I went looking for a website that could help in selecting my winner for the upcoming major tournament. With the help of Golf Predictor, I was able to analyze everything from previous Masters' results to more recent tournament results for every golfer in the field. I was even able to see how each golfer performed in similar upcoming weather conditions! By using Golf Predictor, I was able to compare my favourite golfers and narrow my selection down to Bubba Watson, who was listed at 40 to 1 odds and as most of you know, won this prestigious tournament, also profiting me over $5000! After this win, I have recommended Golf Predictor to many of my friends, and I wouldn't bet on a golf tournament ever again without it. Thank you, Golf Predictor!

Jesse | Toronto, Canada

As a fantasy golf fanatic, Golf Predictor, is the best analysis tool on the market. You would spend countless hours and days coming up with the statistics that are at your fingertips with this website. This site has significantly increased my fantasy golf performance and I feel confident every week that my decisions are backed up with actual statistics. This site is worth every dollar.

Matthew | Florida, USA

If you want to take your golf betting seriously then Golf Predictor is an indispensable resource. With unparalleled usability and low cost, it saves you time and helps you make smarter choices.

Matthew | Middlesex, UK

Over the past few seasons my golf betting tips section of has become huge and it’s thanks in large part to being a Golf Predictor subscriber. I use the site extensively as a stats resource for checking past results of tournaments and the formline of players to cross reference the players I think can perform well in an upcoming event. In order to rank highly on the search engines, I need to have my tips up early on the Monday of an event, and with help of Golf Predictor, I can achieve this. The most impressive feature of Golf Predictor for me is the information displayed for every golfer on both PGA and European Tours. On each player’s page I can see his wins, and hover over them with the mouse to see the dates. I can then scroll down to see his missed cuts, top 10s and overall formline. So for instance, if I see that Matteo Manassero has won on a short course in Malaysia, mid April in 2012, and he’s playing a similar course in Spain, mid April in 2013, and has a solid formline it jumps out of the page at me. The layout is extremely easy to follow and faster than using any other site. Golf Predictor is actually a dossier of information on players, courses, tournaments and more that I can only imagine took an enormous amount of time to compile and must be a labour of love to keep updated. And it ALWAYS is up to date. I think it’s great!

Doc |

The data provided by Golf Predictor has been one my main resources for both betting golf and weekly fantasy golf. Every season working with Golf Predictor has been a winning one, so I thank you for the quality work you put in week by week. No problems on the subscription fee either - the profits made from the site usually pay for the year's subscription well before Masters week.

Brandon | Hawaii, USA

Since 2012, I haved used the statistics on Golf Predictor to choose my “Fantasy Race to Dubai” team. In the first season, it helped me to reach as high as third place overall and finish in the top thirty at the end of competition. This season, Golf Predictor helped me get to first place overall a few weeks ago and I am still in the top ten. The season, course and tournament form statistics on Golf Predictor have helped me so much in this popular competition.

Omar | Livorno, Italy

I have used Golf Predictor for the last couple of months and I love everything it has to offer. I use it to primarily bet on golf events. I have hit some tourney winners (as high as 49 to 1) and it has been very useful in betting head to head matchups for each tourney as well as each round of the tourney. This is a very valuable tool, and I will be using it for a very long time.

Zeboriah | Kansas, USA

Golf Predictor has moved me into the top 5 of my fantasy golf pool in no time at all. The data is extremely valuable and easy to use.

David | Massachusetts, USA

I've only been using Golf Predictor for a few months, but since then, i have placed bets on a number of events through using predictions from Golf Predictor and have been very successful. I would definitely recommend Golf Predictor.

Paul | Wales, UK

Great site with some real good metrics and predictive models. Love it.

Bill | Virginia, USA