Golf Predictor Privacy/Cookies

This page describes the Golf Predictor privacy policy - what is done with the information you provide on registration. By logging in to Golf Predictor, you are agreeing to this privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Golf Predictor takes your privacy very seriously. Only information that is needed is asked for and it never will be divulged it to any third party, unless legally compelled to do so.

Your email address is needed for verification and notification purposes. You will not be bombarded with emails, but you may receive important announcements, reminders of lapsing subscriptions (if applicable) or information about new Golf Predictor features or developments.

Your name is desirable for web site and email personalisation. Your year of birth, gender, country and state/province of residence are required because it's nice to know about your customers! This information will help tailor the site to its audience. Your location information can also help with support issues by knowing which time zone you are in. Note that your IP address is recorded every time you log on. This assists in the detection of possible fraudulent activity, such as the sharing of log in details. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.

And that's about it - all above board and nothing to worry about!


In accordance with EU regulations introduced in 2012, this section explains the limited use of cookies on Golf Predictor. The site itself does not explicitly use cookies for any reason, let alone user tracking. However, cookies are used on the site for the following reasons:

If you use this site, you agree to this cookie usage. These are the only ones used on Golf Predictor, so you have nothing to fear from the site when it comes to cookies. In fact, you have nothing to fear from Golf Predictor at all!